Duncan, J. & Caidi, N. (2018). Mobilities, media and governmentality: Asylum seekers in Lacolle, Quebec.


This article reflects upon the anomalous rise of irregular migration into Canada through the small town of Lacolle, Quebec and how the government chose to respond. We ask: How do Canadian governmentalities of mobility express themselves in mass media coverage of irregular migration into Lacolle? Much like its European counterparts, the Canadian government has relied on discourses of humanitarian securitization to justify its policies. Irregular crossings have presented a signficant challenge to the ways in which the Canadian government has traditionally limited and compelled the agency of those subject to its power. To meet these challenges, the government has had to grapple with new governance strategies in a series of entangled infrastructural, policy, and narrative interventions. This article chronicles these recent developments and offers an analytical lens.

German Journal of Social Work and Migration
Jamie Duncan
Jamie Duncan
Doctoral Researcher