About Me

Jamie Duncan is a PhD student at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies. Building on a background in artificial intelligence policy, his work explores how data-driven technology shapes interactions between states, citizens, and markets. Jamie has written and spoken on topics like policing and citizenship in ‘smart’ cities, the political communications of security, and issues of transparency and accountability in Canadian governance. His doctoral research focuses on how transnational policy collaborations impact processes of technology adoption for border security. He is a researcher at the Centre for Access to Information and Justice at the University of Winnipeg. Jamie is also a Junior Fellow at Massey College and a Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Toronto’s Ethics of AI Lab.


  • Information policy
  • Citizenship & governance
  • Political communication
  • Surveillance & security
  • Borders & migration


  • PhD in Criminology, 2020 - present

    University of Toronto

  • MI in Information Studies, 2019

    University of Toronto

  • BA in Global Development Studies, 2016

    Western University


Duncan, J. (2019). Negotiating Citizenship: Mediatized Migration and the Canadian Data Border

This thesis reflects upon the anomalous rise of irregular migration into Canada near the town of Lacolle, Quebec and the response of …

Duncan, J. & Caidi, N. (2018). Mobilities, Media and Governmentality: Asylum Seekers in Lacolle, Quebec.

This article reflects upon the anomalous rise of irregular migration into Canada through the small town of Lacolle, Quebec and how the …

Duncan, J. (2018). Uncertainty and Desire: Big Data Surveillance and Digital Citizenship

This synthesis presents the works of several key scholars in the field of critical data studies to explore how the practice of Big Data …